Wedding Entertainment Northamptonshire: Wedding DJ or Band?

Wedding entertainment Northamptonshire is high on the list of priorities for any wedding. Are you sitting on the fence and unsure of whether you’d like a wedding DJ or even a wedding band? Finding the right performer to provide you with the atmosphere that you’d like for your wedding is important. 

But, where do you start? How do you find the perfect wedding entertainment in Northamptonshire for your big day? Start with a few key questions for you and your list of prospects to help with the process. 


Questions to ask yourself about your Wedding Entertainment Northamptonshire:


1. What is my budget?

The downfall with live music at your wedding is that it is almost always going to cost more than a wedding DJ. This is usually because there are a lot more people and equipment involved with a band. You should carefully consider the budget that you have available for your wedding entertainment Northamptonshire. 

If live music is a must have but it’s out of your price range, look around for a band that might play for part of your day. You could have them play the ceremony or over cocktails and then employ a wedding DJ for your reception and first dance. 


2. What type of atmosphere do I want throughout my wedding day?

What type of wedding are you having? Is it a small gathering of close knit family and friends? Or, is it going to be a big blowout for everyone you know? If you have a lot of guests that you know will want to be on the dance floor, it’s important to ensure that you get the music right. 

Bands usually specialise in one genre of music, or add their own style to different genres. Most weddings have a range of ages from young too old. It’s important that you cater for everyone and this is where a DJ comes into play. They can play anything that you like. 


3. Does my venue have any restrictions? 

Typically, bands take up quite a lot of space. All the equipment and instruments can take time to set up. It’s worth checking with the manager at your venue if you have the space to accommodate for a live band. If your venue is outside, there could also be restrictions on the amount of electricity available. 

A DJ will often use up less space and electricity than a full live band, so take this into consideration before choosing your wedding entertainment Northamptonshire.


4. Should we make our own Wedding Playlist?

There are a lot of things to do when planning a wedding. Unless you’re extremely selective about what you’d like on your big day, most couples will choose to avoid the responsibility of having to choose all of their own music. It’s a big task and you’ll need at least 5 hours worth. That’s around 120 songs!

It could be tough to find a band that is well versed in 120 songs so a wedding DJ certainly feels like the better option at this stage. 


5. Do I want my guests to be able to make requests? 

Whether or not to allow your wedding entertainment to take requests is another consideration to make. You could end up with songs being played that you don’t like. It’s worth asking your prospect list how they handle requests and what they’d say to your guests if you decide that you’d prefer not to have any requests. 

With all of these questions considered, it’s now time to think about what to ask your potential wedding entertainers. 


Questions to ask your prospective Wedding Entertainment:


1. Are you available on my wedding date?

This question is all important. Wedding DJs and bands can be booked up 6 months in advance sometimes. You should start researching your wedding entertainment as early as possible when planning your wedding day. 


2. How much do you charge for the amount of time I need you?

Now that you’ve spent time considering what you need to get out of your wedding entertainment, it’s time to find out how much they charge for the time you need them for. Most bands will cost upward of £1000 for a wedding reception and even more for the whole day. Wedding DJs are considerably less. 

As a wedding DJ myself, I quote accordingly to ensure that I provide the most cost effective service for what you’ll want on your day.


3. How much is overtime and will you be available to stay late if we need you?

This is a really important question. You might only book your entertainment until a certain time. But, what if your guests aren’t quite ready to go home, you might not want to stop the party. 

It’s always best to prepare for all outcomes. Ask in advance how much your wedding entertainment would charge for extra time and also, if they’re free. They might not be able to stay later so always ask in advance to avoid any unexpected disappointment. 


4. Do you know/have the songs that I want to be played?

The most important song of your big day is your first dance. You wouldn’t want to find out at the last minute that your wedding entertainment can’t play the song that you’ve chosen either because the band haven’t practiced or the DJ doesn’t own it. 

This is a must-ask question when it comes to vetting your prospects. 


5. Have you got any reviews or references that we can see?

It’s important to get an understanding of how other customers of your prospects viewed them on their big days. This way you can get an unbiased opinion on how they perform. You do, after all, want your wedding day to be perfect. 


6. Do you accept must-play / do not play lists? 

Most of us have songs or genres that we simply don’t like and songs that we absolutely love. It’s good to know if your wedding DJ will accept lists of what to play and what not to play alongside their own flair. 

The last thing you want is to be listening to music that you don’t like on your wedding day.


7. How will you decorate your performance area? What will you wear?

If you’re having a themed wedding or a casual wedding you’d ideally like your wedding entertainment to be in-line with everything else. You wouldn’t want all your planning to go to waste if your entertainment looks out of place. Ask what they’d wear and if they’d be open to keeping their style in-line with your own! (As long as it’s reasonable, of course). 


You’re ready to book! 

Now that you’ve spent time considering what you want and asking the right questions you should be able to whittle down what wedding entertainment you’d like to book. Choosing the perfect act for your big day is a huge part of your planning and it’s a big commitment so make sure you’re completely happy before you sign anything. 

Being a wedding DJ myself, I will always cover these questions with you but if there are any other questions that you have, I’m always happy to answer them. Simply contact me today