Wedding First Dance

 As a wedding DJ who preformed at more than 2000 weddings I know that Your First dance is a very special moment that you want to share with your closest friends and family.  Over the years I’ve played a huge number of different songs at the weddings that I’ve performed at, and seen a huge variation in the way couples have danced to the songs as well.


In recent years I have to say Ed Sheeran has become very popular. Approx 95% of first dances are done off the cuff and the rest are dance routines.


As a wedding DJ with lots of experience I am aware that Your first dance is a magical moment, and music is only one part of the moment you will remember for the rest of you lives.

Lighting must be perfect. That is why I would organize the room as part of the preparation for the dance, and I would talk to the photographer about the lighting. Besides the music I would make sure that the light show goes along with your choice of music.

When everything is arranged properly, you are ready to have a perfect first dance, the only kind you deserve.

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