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A response to the question about how early the booking should be made. A question people sometimes ask me is how far in advance how far in advance to book a wedding DJ?

This is another one of those answers like how long is a piece of string. It really depends on when the wedding is if the wedding is during the week for example on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night then availability is probably going to be better. If it’s off-season again availability will be better. Off-season are months like January February March and November. Whereas if it’s a Saturday in June July August you need to book quite far in advance. I already have bookings for 2020 never mind about the summer of 2019 this video has been recorded in June 19.

So the answer really depends. If it’s a Saturday mid-season preferably in as far in advance as possible. Most people are booking me between nine and 18 months in advance. If it’s as I said a Thursday or even maybe a Sunday all of the season then availability will be much higher.

Even if you send me an email and I’m not available on your date I know a number of excellent DJs that I can put you in touch with.

Should you need any further information, please do not heistate to contact me.

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